18 July 2018

HSJ interview with Simon Stevens around 10 year NHS plan and changing funding rules

Stevens sets out 10 year plan priorities
HSJ 18 July 2018
  • During an interview with HSJ Simon Stevens identified five major priorities for the 10 year NHS plan due to be unveiled this autumn.
  1. mental health, especially services for children and young people, and potentially "core crisis care”. 
  2. cancer, in particular screening services and addressing race and socioeconomic and gender and cultural barriers that exist to early diagnosis
  3. cardiovascular disease – stroke and heart attacks
  4. children’s services in particular prevention and inequality as they affect children.
  5. reducing health inequalities 
  • As part of the funding deal and long term plan, the prime minister announced a review of NHS waiting time targets.
Stevens promises ‘wholesale shift’ in funding rules
HSJ 18 July 2018
  • During an interview with HSJ Simon Stevens discussed future changes to NHS funding rules and suggested that "Over the course of the next three years we’re going to see a wholesale shift.”
  • A plan covering the financial years from 2019-20 to 2021-22 is being developed with NHS Improvement and in discussion with the NHS and will be set out at the end of September, then confirmed in November.
  • Sustainability funding would be ended at the latest by the end of the three year period
  • According to HSJ the funding plan in late September is likely to include three years of firm CCG  allocations and two years indicatively.

17 July 2018

Housing First: tackling homelessness for those with complex needs

Housing First: tackling homelessness for those with complex needs
House of Commons Library briefing 17 July 2018
  • Housing First (HF) is an alternative homelessness intervention strategy, aimed at people with complex needs, particularly rough sleepers. This House of Commons Library paper describes the principles behind Housing First and outlines some of the evidence behind it.

A review of patient access to inguinal hernia surgery in England

A dangerous waiting game? A review of patient access to inguinal hernia surgery in England
Royal College of Surgeons, British Hernia Society 17 July 2018
  • This report sets out the scale of CCG restrictions around access to access to groin (inguinal) hernia, the impact these are having on patients, and what needs to be done at a local and national policy level to address this.

Social prescribing use by GPs

One in four GPs regularly use social prescribing, survey shows
GP Online 17 July 2018
  • Results of a survey on the use of social prescribing by GPs (n=391) by GP Online: 
    • over 23% of GPs said they or their colleagues used social prescribing regularly 
    • 21%of GPs said they had referred using this method at least once before 
    • 22% of GPs said they would refer in this way if they had more information about the services available 
    • 14% of GPs said they were open to the idea but had never tried it 
    • 10% of GPs said they were not involved in social prescribing in any way 
    • 6% of GPs said they did not believe social prescribing was something GPs should be involved in 
    • Less than 4% of GPs said they did not have time to refer for non-clinical services. 
  • Social Prescribing is one of the 10 High Impact Actions supporting Releasing Capacity in General Practice.

16 July 2018

Caring for Carers

Caring for Carers
Social Market Foundation 16 July 2018
  • This report focuses on the demographics and experiences of those who provide family care. 
  • The paper suggests much greater use of “care navigators” to help family carers guide elderly relatives through the complex system of public sector bodies likely to be involved in their overall package of care.

12 July 2018

CCG 360° Stakeholder Survey National report 2017/18

CCG 360° Stakeholder Survey National report 2017/18
NHS England 12 July 2018
  • This report provides an overview of findings of the CCG 360° stakeholder survey across all 207 CCGs. It highlights areas where CCGs are performing well and also outlines potential areas for improvement.
  • A Case study annex 2017/18 includes case studies of high performing and improved CCGs -
    • East and North Hertfordshire CCG: Building on a strong internal foundation by strengthening external relationships
    • Greater Huddersfield CCG: Tailoring engagement to stakeholders’ needs
    • Merton CCG: Working with stakeholders to improve services for patients and the public
    • Surrey Heath CCG: Putting patients and the public at the heart of commissioning services
    • Salford CCG: Engaging with stakeholders and working collaboratively to deliver a shared vision

Self Care Forum

Self Care Forum
  • The Self Care Forum, sponsored by PAGB, whose purpose is to further the reach of self-care and embed it into everyday life. Activities include the Self Care week. 
  • The website includes news on self care and useful resources (eg apps, leaflets, a Patient Portal).