23 January 2020

Measures for person centred coordinated care

Measures for person centred coordinated care
An NHS England funded project undertaken by the Primary Care Group at Plymouth University
  • The website is a compendium of Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs) and Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMs) that can be utilised within programs that aim to deliver or evaluate person centred and coordinated care (P3C). 
  • Tools include
    • Person Centred Care Patient Reported Measures (P3C-PRMs) – tools that specifically measure some aspect of P3C, such as communication, shared-decision making or self-management and
    • Quality of Life (QoL) measures – i.e. measures that can be used to measure how health might, for example, be influencing aspects such as a person’s social and mental health.
  • The website includes a “Commissioners Guide”, explaining how to deploy and utilise these tools in real-life healthcare settings.

NICE Connect

  • NICE Connect is a multi-year project to transform the way guidance is produced and presented, making it easier to use and ensuring people receive evidence-based high quality care in the right place at the right time.  NICE are recruiting people with experience in health and social care to give feedback at different stages of NICE Connect.

Babylon Health and Wolverhampton Trust to create a integrated digital health system

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust and Babylon to create the world’s first integrated digital health system to serve the city’s population
Babylon Health 23 January 2020
  • Babylon Health and the Royal Wolverhampton Trust have announced a 10-year partnership to develop “digital-first integrated care” across the region. The partnership will allow patients to access NHS primary, secondary and community healthcare services through a single app. 
  • Artificial intelligence will also be used to create personal care plans and give patients medical information and triage advice based on their symptoms.

Health matters: physical activity

Health matters: physical activity [Guidance]
PHE 23 January 2020
  • The benefit of physical activity for the prevention and management of long-term conditions in adults.

Mental health statistics: prevalence, services and funding in England

Mental health statistics: prevalence, services and funding in England
House of Commons Library Briefing 23 January 2020
  • How common are mental health problems? How long do people wait to access therapy for depression and anxiety? Do mental health services work for everyone? How much is spent on mental health services?

22 January 2020

NHS charges

NHS charges
House of Commons Library Briefing 22 January 2020
  • This briefing paper sets out the provisions for various NHS charges and which groups are exempt. It also briefly examines the future of NHS charges.

21 January 2020

Value for Money Profiles

Value for Money Profiles
LGA updates

  • An overview of individual LA spend on services (2013-2019) expressed per head of total population - including adult social care, children and young people, and public health services.